Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Tree Frog

I found another tree frog in the bathroom this morning. I lifted up the toilet lid and found it stuck to the inside of the lid. This time I screamed, because it startled me so much. By the time Alfonze can running to see what was the matter I was laughing. He looked in the toilet and said, "Yep, he jumped in this time." We shut the bathroom door for a little while until it came out and used the same technique of throwing a kitchen towel over it to catch and release it outside. I think the frog followed me in when I brought groceries in yesterday. They are fast and sneaky. The weather has been very hot, and there's probably not much water for the frogs to find outdoors. That makes the bathroom seem like a Club Med for frogs. I'll have to be more careful about keeping the screen door shut when I unload the car.

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