Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Opryland Hotel

We visited the Opryland Hotel to see the sights and walk off some of our Christmas feast from earlier in the day.

The place is huge. There are a series of interconnected gardens inside vast atriums. This scene is on the Delta Island.

Lights and fantasy animals from the upper walkway in the Garden Conservatory.

Near a restaurant on the lower level of the Garden Conservatory. The balconies are at hotel rooms and open walkways.

I think this is on the lower level of the Garden Conservatory. There were a lot of twisted paths going up and down around a pond. The turns in the paths made small, hidden areas where there was seating, statues, leprechaun figures, and exotic plants.

This scene in the Delta area looks like a gazebo near an ice skating rink, but it is really a polished indoor floor. Little M danced around shouting "Watch me ice skate."

An outdoor manger scene set up around a pond.

Merry Christmas!

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