Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lithia Springs Park, Florida

Lithia Springs is the source of the Alafia River.

The swimming area at the big spring.

One of the smaller springs. The water is clear blue-green and smells sweet. There were many different kinds of fish. They must be used to being fed by people, because a group of fish swam towards us as soon as we came to the edge. Alfonze remembers swimming in springs like this when he was a kid. Back then he saw water moccasin snakes with heads as big as your fist slithering into the water. (((Correction: Snakes with heads as big as a 10-year-old's fist.)))
Maybe that's why the smaller springs are fenced off now with no swimming signs posted.

The banks of the Alafia River look like another world. It looks dark and sinister compared to the springs. We found a sign by the river that said "Don't feed the alligators!"

Light shimmers on the surface of the spring water.

Palm trees strike poses that look like cobra snakes.

The water from the springs smells sweet and is clear, but it was slimy to touch. I'm not sure I would want to go swimming in it. I was fascinated with the natural terrain around the springs and the Alafia River. You don't have to walk far to get to those areas.
The entry fee to Lithia Springs Park is $4 per car.

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