Saturday, September 13, 2008

St. Pete Beach after Hurricane Ike

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We went to St. Pete Beach a few days after Hurricane Ike brushed past the Gulf Coast. The storm's center did not make landfall here, but there was a storm surge from the wind. The tide was out and you could see that the beach had eroded. There was a slight step down into the water where it used to be a gradual slope.

The concession stand and seawall at Pass-A-Grille in St. Pete Beach. A lot of the sand that used to be by the seawall was washed away or piled up in odd places.

Sand and sea shells covered the steps.

This is what the beach looked like on July 2nd this year.

There were piles of shells here and there. We found a lot of cool sea shells. I think this is the most uninhabited conch shells that we've found in one day at the beach.

More photos of St. Pete Beach after Hurricane Ike

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