Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Shack by the Sea

A 4 day visit to Grandma Apple's place in Florida turned into 6 days. We had the trip scheduled back in December. It just happens that we sold the house in Michigan the week before. We had to find a house this trip to be able to close on the transaction in Michigan in March. Otherwise, it would get pushed to the end of April. We really didn't want to make the buyers wait that long, because we didn't want the deal to cool off and not happen at all.

After looking at houses Friday and Saturday we found one near the Gulf that we were ready to write an offer on. I was so excited, because it was about 10 minutes from the coast. After we got an insurance quote for about $6,000/year we had to let it go. It was a disappointment, but $6000 could buy a lot of hotel rooms on the beach. On Monday we started looking further inland. I was feeling really discouraged. After seeing a few houses that weren't cutting it we went back to the realtor's office and changed the search parameters again. It seemed that what we needed to have in a house was going to be hard to find in Florida. The house up north has a workshop in the basement for the electronics business. Our garage houses some equipment for the business and a classic car. In Florida the homes don't have basements and don't always have garages. By the time we got back on the road it was mid afternoon. We had been through so many houses that they seemed to blur together. We told the realtor that if we didn't find anything by the end of the day that we'd have to book another trip to Florida next month.

We finally found a house late Monday afternoon. The house is beautiful inside and is move-in ready. No harvest gold colored 1970's tile in the bathroom to rip out, or avocado green kitchen cabinets to replace. Yeah!! There's a big shed out back with electric that is perfect for the workshop. The garage is big enough for the equipment and the hot rod.

By the time all was said and done we had seen almost 30 houses in 3 days. It was grueling, but it finally worked out. We're real happy with the new place. Now we have to get back up north and start packing.

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